SEGWAYS:Unique mobile media that prompts engagement
Segways are moving people around in a whole new way, and Segway advertising is the latest way to take your brand or message directly to audiences in hard to reach locations.

These unique transports are still novel enough to catch people's attention and have them stop to check out the vehicles, with advertising wrapped fully around the front, sides and on both wheels. Segways are not only a prop for your branding and advertising, they allow your brand or company to inform the curiosity of a target audience and then open the door for a brand experience.

Segways can even be equipped with WiFi laptops to create a more interactive experience, and allow people to access your website, enter contests, or sign up to receive promotions.

Segway advertising is a great way to reach a target audience located in a specific area. The vehicles can be parked stationary in crowded areas or used to roam freely as the drivers look for your demographic. Segways can also be parked as a wall of advertising while brand ambassadors attend to promotional giveaways, product sampling and interacting with your audience.

Please contact us to learn more about how Segway advertising can help take your brand directly to your audience.
Bud Light Lime used custom segway ads as part of a multi-media team to reach consumers in San Diego. Read more…
Segway advertising for Bud Light Lime
Boehringer used segway advertising as part of an out of home blitz to dominate a key event. Read more…
Segway Advertising for Boehringer Ingelheim
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