Posters:The billboard's little brother
Poster Advertising: Broad coverage that can be highly targeted

The bulletin's little brother, posters are typically found on surface streets in retail and commercial areas. With their cost effectiveness, posters are one of the workhorses of outdoor advertising, and offer a great way to reach pedestrians as well as motorists.

They are excellent for reaching into neighborhoods and targeting particular demographic and socio-economic areas with multiple locations. Widely distributed throughout an area on primary and secondary arteries, posters are a powerful way to reach your audience and saturate a market.

Poster advertising can be used to achieve greater reach into a market to concentrate your message in highly targeted areas. Their local nature makes them ideal for point-of-purchase, or to drive traffic to local retail locations.

Contact us to learn more about how poster advertising can provide comprehensive local coverage.
Subway used poster advertising as a key component in their outdoor advertising mix to dominate the Atlanta market. Read more…
Poster Advertising for Subway
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